026: One year done – Jets Hockey Podcast – For fans of the Winnipeg Jets


Today we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the purchase of the Atlanta Thrashers to become the Winnipeg Jets. From Studio “A” we managed to broadcast live. The recorded video version of the episode is available below.

There were honestly many highlights from the show. Our list of guests on the air today included:

  • Chris Stewart – Colorado Eagles
  • Brian Rogers – St. John’s IceCaps
  • Scott Brown – Winnipeg Jets
  • Drew Mindell – Illegal Curve
  • Darren Ford – Winnipeg Free Press
  • Jay Onrait – TSN Sports Centre
  • Jim Slater – Winnipeg Jets
  • Stephen Brunt – Rogers Sportsnet
  • Ryan Koltalo – Giving In

We tried to get Don Cherry, but of course because of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the whole HNIC crew is in pretty high demand. We also picked our Top 12 Winnipeg Jets plays of the year. They’re interspersed throughout the show and in the video below. We’re working on getting them in to YouTube so you can follow along.

We also covered a few other items:


Tune in, turn it up and enjoy. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to our podcast quickly and easily (and now in iTunes). Follow us on Twitter & Facebook or email podcast@jetshockeypodcast.com. Call us 24 x 7 toll-free at 1.855.321.JETS (1.855.321.5387) and let us know your thoughts.



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